can boxed furniture lead in out-of-box marketing?

I continue to be impressed by Ikea’s marketing gusto. Seriously. More brands could use a page or two out of their free-falling creative strategy. First they crazy-ly allowed Illeana Douglas to shoot her hilarious Easy to Assemble web series at their Burbank location. And now, the Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors have created covers of classic Swedish lullabies with six modern day artists: Tove Styrke, Albin Gromer, Siw Malmkvist, Magnus Tingsek, Maia Hirasawa and Musette – to promote “Better Sleep for Everyone” and the brand’s line of beds and mattresses.

ps. If you’re into the Swedes, the album in its entirety will be available on iTunes.

My favourite is Musette’s rendition of Air on the G String.
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raising hope for congo through video

What is it with people? Why do we assume that we can take as much as we want whenever we want? Why does greed and materialism trump the nobility of individuals; children? More and more of my friends now buy organic and local produce. It’s better in every way possible right? But I don’t think many of them are aware of the damage that’s being done in countries like Congo directly as a result of the phone in their pockets or the laptop in their hands. Having a cellphone seems to be a right in the West. And I confess, I was without mine just this past weekend and I felt embarrassingly crippled. But let’s not turn a blind eye. Let’s demand conflict-free products! Let’s be aware of the advantages we have. And let’s not be okay with our advantages being at the cost of other people’s disadvantages.

Become more informed. And spread the word.

Video by Ryan Gosling.

communicating in style

Communicating your brand story starts with understanding your brand values. Who are you? What do you stand for? Is it creativity? Quality? Sustainability? What? Once you admit these values to yourself and say them out loud, you can begin to build associations and partnerships around them. And once you have these associations in mind, content creation becomes a lot easier. Good content of course. Valuable content. The kind of content that weaves together seamlessly to tell the true story of your brand.

Louis Vuitton does this perfectly. To me, they stand for craftsmanship, artistry, and beauty. And the associations that are important to them are the arts, travel, adventure, fashion and culture. So what better represents these values than their very own art exhibitions?! Of course it doesn’t hurt that they have a smashing location in the heart of Champs Elysées…

The Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton produces and hosts three exhibitions per year, around the themes of travel, heritage, art and fashion. Each exhibition attracts more than 10 000 visitors. Their micro site is pretty video-heavy. It includes everything from teasers, performances, podcasts, artist statements, stunningly beautiful music and more.

The only downside? While their videos are available on YouTube, they’re not directly accessible (and shareable) through their site.

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“Who are you Peter?”, is the question that opened the 13th exhibition at the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton in Paris. They invited visitors to explore the myth of Peter Pan, symbol of the eternal child. Thirteen contemporary artists were involved in telling this story.