pentax 110s reborn on GH2

I have friend here in the neighbourhood who’s always hunting for new and unusual glass. He picked up 3 old pentax-110s and we tried them out on his GH2 with a pentax 110 to micro 4/3 adapter

Pentax-110 1:2.8 18mm
Pentax-110 1:2.8 18mm ∞ focus
Pentax-110 1:2.8 50mm

What’s really interesting is none of the lenses have a variable aperture. It’s always 2.8… The 18mm ∞ focus is not seating properly so we can’t get it to focus and the 50mm is also not seating right; it currently focuses from 1 foot to 3 feet. But the 18 is pretty cool. Check out this vid shot with the 18 mm and 50 mm.