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kern paillard 16 mm lenses on the GH1

I got my hands on a sweet set of vintage 16 mm primes and a zoom the other day. First I wanted to find out what kind of vignetting they’d create, hence the scribbled test on my sons drawing easel. Sadly the zoom would not mount to my lumix at all.

kern paillard switzerland – 25mm, f1.5
kern paillard switzerland – 10mm, f1.6
kern paillard switzerland – 16mm, f2.8
kern paillard switzerland yvar – 75mm, f2.8

kern paillard vario switar 1:2.5 18mm – 86mm

Conclusion? I liked the 25 mm and 75 mm enough to try a quick example with each. The only thing to watch with the 75 mm is its long minimum focus of 6 feet… so I ended up with a pretty similar still life, and pretty similar shots in the test video, see if you can tell which is which.

35mm cctv madness begins

I recently got my hands on a f1.7 35mm cctv prime lens. $30 on ebay http://bit.ly/lvFYSO. I couldn’t be happier with the early results. This is truly amazing glass for the money. It’s wicked sharp in the center with soft, almost tilt-shift edges.

The fun part is when my c-mount to micro 4/3 adapter arrived I had to break out my drill to get to seat properly.